If you are considering buying this universal USB “dock” to use it with Ubuntu Linux, I say: go for it. It just plain works.

Basically all you have to do is hook it up and install the DisplayLink driver.

I am currently (March 2020) using it with my Asus TUF Gaming FX705GD laptop with Ubuntu 19.10 as described in my other article.

You do have to know that using a DisplayLink dock will never be the same as hooking the external monitors directly to the laptop, since it uses compression to deliver the image to the monitor. This is most noticeable when scrolling – it’s just not as smooth.

Regarding CPU usage, there is a slight increase but is barely noticeable and completely inconsequential, at least with one Quad HD (2560×1440 px) monitor.

Hot-plugging works perfectly. However when setting it up, it might display some distortion or artefacts around the mouse cursor. To fix this, all I needed to do was log out and back in.

Basically I would gladly recommend this dock, though I have not tried an UHD/4K or multiple monitors.

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